The Design Corner

  • Butter Tarts

    Designer: Ken Schauerte
    Location: Saskatoon

    Have you started your Holiday baking?  I wanted to share my favourite Butter Tart recipe which has obtained somewhat of a legendary status here at Superior Cabinets.  This is another amazing recipe from Company’s Coming that I discovered several years back.  

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  • Considerations with Your Layout

    Designer: Michelle Beaudoin
    Location: Calgary East

    When beginning to design your dream kitchen layout there are a couple of elements to keep in mind. Now I know that I’m going to be giving you a lot of information here, a lot of numbers, and a TON of things to consider. Please keep in mind that many of these are ideal situations and not all kitchens will lend themselves to them, just do the best you can and then consult a professional designer, they are the experts after all.

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