The Design Corner

  • ED Feehan High School Construction Technology Course – Installing a Kitchen

    Designer: Shahan Fancy
    Location: Saskatoon

    On June 4, 2014 the partnership between the ED Feehan Construction Technologies Course and Superior Cabinets culminated in the installation of the Superior Cabinets kitchen cabinets and a bathroom vanity into the home in Saskatoon being built by the students.  Superior was fortunate to have a group of students that participated in the design, construction and installation of their kitchen and the finished product was certainly something they should be very proud of.

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  • Kitchen Corner Cabinets

    Designer: Matthew McMullen
    Location: Saskatoon

    Corner cabinetry in the kitchen has long presented a storage challenge.  While there have been many improvements made to the popular lazy susan, it does not provide the best option for accessibility to stored items.

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